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Added value benefits: skip the queue

With unprecedented waiting times and difficulty accessing services, many people would welcome an alternative way of speaking to a GP in the current environment. A significant number of insurers now include access to GP services within the policies they sell, so being aware of who offers what could help you skip the queue and speak to a GP sooner rather than later.

Skipping the queue

Insurance providers can collaborate with established and reputable GPs, creating a preferred partner network. This arrangement allows you to access GP services more swiftly than those outside the network.

By negotiating priority scheduling agreements with GPs, insurance companies can ensure their customers receive advanced service, minimising delays and streamline the certification process. You will need a policy with an insurer offering these services to be able to access these benefits.

To help customers get the most out of these added value benefits, insurance providers establish dedicated support teams to assist them throughout the GP certification journey.

These teams can provide guidance, gather necessary documentation, and facilitate communication with GPs, reducing administrative burdens for customers.

Insurance providers can also help clients prepare and organise documentation required by GPs, ensuring it meets all regulatory standards and accelerating the certification process. How often can I use it?

It’s not uncommon to require the advice of a GP multiple times throughout, and where the service is made available to family members, they may have the need to call on the service several times.

Most providers offer unlimited access to a certain number of appointments per year, although there are a few providers with restricted access. Most insurers include GP services alongside a package of other benefits, usually from a third-party provider. These services are not written into the core policy contract and could therefore be withdrawn.

For more information, contact one of our adviser's who can support you and discuss the options available to you.

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